Billy D and the Hoodoos


Billy D and The Hoodoos New CD Overnight Success (which can be perceived as totally tongue in cheek or as an indicator of my Gratitude for being able to do what I love for a living and meet so many great music lovers along my journey— I prefer the latter of those two) is another collection of my style of Blues N Roots Original Tunes that folks seem to like to listen and dance to. A Couple differences from our 1st CD Somethin’s Wrong is that there is a cover tune (Live) at the end.. by one of my favorite writers Iconic Bluesman Will Dixon called Back Door Man and that we feature a few Special Guest Artists on this one… Blues Award Nominee and Saxman Extraordinaire Jimmy Carpenter from Las Vegas… One of Chicago’s Finest on Harp Ron Sorin… and our very own Portland Brother (via Nawlins) and Keyboard Whiz Steve Kerin.. We Really Hope and Think You’ll Like It.. so pick up or download a Copy today.. and as always Thank U So Much for your support all these years and Keep Rockin My Friends!!!

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